Hello! I'm David. Making designs and moving them around is one of my passions.
Ever since I was exposed to filmmaking by one of my closest friend's older brothers at around the age of probably 3, I've always had an interest in learning how to throw together videos for my own entertainment. What followed was a lifetime of being that kid in class who would always submit a mess of a video instead of doing any sort of live presentation. It wasn't until my sophomore year in highschool where I properly learned about After Effects and had a blast making the opening titles and credits for our shorts in filmmaking class. 
Through the rest of high school and college, I would constantly be learning and improving on the side while pursuing different academics. In my final years of university, I shifted studies to a degree with artistic and technical aspects, which ultimately helped me finally break into the industry after graduation.
I like Super Smash Bros Melee, chocolate ice cream, and I'm learning to blacksmith on the side
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